Welcome to Captive Faith where we can learn at the feet of those who learned in prison.

This website is devoted to people of the Bible and to individuals of the Christian faith whose time in prison brought forth some of the most creative, life-changing, and spiritually perceptive writing in all history.

The Christian faith teaches us not to be surprised by adversity. Our Lord and teacher died a horrific death in a public execution by crucifixion after a rigged trial. Countless numbers of his followers over the centuries have died or gone to prison for his sake. Others have gone to prison because of their own misdeeds and been liberated there by the Gospel which turned their prison experience into a discovery of grace and joy.

In these pages you will meet Bible characters such as Joseph and Paul, and Christian prisoners through the ages, such as Pothinus, Joan of Arc, and Toyohiko Kagawa. They left a triumphant legacy for our encouragement and edification. Seeing how they bore up under hardship can re-energize our spiritual lives.

Prisoners by Period

Watch Blessedness out of Brokenness, a look at Christian faith in Angola prison.

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Captive Faith was developed by Christian History Institute. All DVDs described in these pages are available through Vision Video.

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