Sundar Singh (1889–c. 1929) Mysteriously Rescued from a Death Pit

Friedrich Heiler, Sadhu Sundar Singh Ein Apostel des Ostens und Westens (Munchen: Verlag von Ernst Reinhardt, 1925).

When Sundar Singh’s mom died, the boy raged against the God of the Christians for, although a Sikh, he was being educated at a Christian school. Just fourteen years old, he formed a gang which harassed and persecuted believers. He burned a Bible to show his contempt for Jesus.

Children’s Heroes From Christian History: Vol. II includes stories on four heroes: William Carey, Robert Raikes, Hans Egede and Sundar Singh. Recommended for ages 5–10.

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  In a cruel Romanian prison camp, Nicoleta Grossu could either betray others, die, or find God.
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