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The Barn, home of Christian History Institute, Torchlighters, and Captive Faith.

Christian History Institute began researching and compiling the writings of prisoners around 2008. Their stories are heart breaking yet compelling. Their writings come from a place of pain that most of us will never face and often reach depths of understanding many of us only distantly comprehend. We quickly realized others would want to learn from these uniquely qualified teachers.

Christian faith teaches us not to be surprised by adversity. Our Lord and teacher died a horrific death in a public execution by crucifixion after a rigged trial. Countless numbers of his followers over the centuries have died or gone to prison for his sake. Others have gone to prison because of their own misdeeds and been liberated there by the Gospel which turned their prison experience into a discovery of grace and joy.

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If you want to encourage us at Captive Faith, or want to remind us of a memorable captive from church history whose story you think should be in these pages, use the contact link to reach us or email us at

If you are a prisoner or former prisoner with a Christian testimony, you can mail us (see address in the footer) or perhaps add your testimony in the comments section of the prisoner testimonies page.

Christian History Institute (CHI), a non-profit Pennsylvania corporation founded in 1982. CHI provides church history resources and self-study material. Our aim is to make trust-worthy, non-biased Christian history a delight to the widest possible audience, through print, video, and electronic media. We are also involved with film and video production (through our sister company, Vision Video).

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