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  • Robert Barclay imprisoned for Quaker views
    Robert Barclay was one of the sventeenth century’s greatest Quaker theologians and willing to suffer for the faith. He held that the only real Christianity is that in which the Spirit of Christ is present and he rejected any faith that rested on history, liturgy, or doctrinal statements without inner life. He went to prison ...
  • Moravians jailed for helping slaves
    Slave owners on St. Thomas (in the Virgin Islands) were suspicious of Moravians who settled as missionaries. Because the Moravians preached to congregations of hundreds of slaves and taught their own slaves to read and write, they feared the missionaries would stir rebellion. Consequently they sought to shut down their work. When Frederic Martin married ...
  • Manasseh repented in captivity
    Our latest story tells of Judah’s wicked king, Manasseh, who repented in captivity and found restoration from the Lord.