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  • Manasseh repented in captivity
    Our latest story tells of Judah’s wicked king, Manasseh, who repented in captivity and found restoration from the Lord.
  • King Manasseh (d. c. 642 BC) repents in captivityKing Manasseh (d. c. 642 BC) repents in captivity
    Manasseh repents and prays in captivity Manasseh is not the first person to come to mind when we think of biblical captives. He was notorious as the most wicked king of Judah. As 2 Kings does not mention Manasseh’s captivity and repentance, and as many Christians have never read 2 Chronicles, they may be unfamiliar with ...
  • Tikhon (1865–1925) and the BolsheviksTikhon (1865–1925) and the Bolsheviks
    In 1917, the Russian Orthodox Church restored the position of Patriarch of Moscow that had been abolished over two hundred years ealier by Peter the Great. Certain Orthodox leaders resisted the restoration, but the success of the Bolsheviks changed the mood. The church was going to need ...