Origen’s take on persecution

[Imaginary portrait of Origen]

Origen was the son of a martyr and himself suffered imprisonment and torture late in life. A teacher and theologian, he wrote on persecution as one who had witnessed it and who was prepared to experience it. Although he suffered for his faith, contemporary church leaders condemned some of his teachings because they veered into heretical territory. Not everything attributed to Origen was by him, however. He was so famous that many people used his name to lend authority to their bogus ideas.

Here is an excerpt from Origen that places the suffering of Christians in perspective. Thanks to Ray Stults for digging this up.

When God gives to the tempter permission to persecute us, then we suffer persecution; and when God wishes us to be free from suffering, even in the midst of a world that hates us, we enjoy a wonderful peace, trusting in the protection of Him who said, ‘Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.’ And truly He has overcome the world. Wherefore the world prevails only so long as it is the pleasure of Him who received from the Father power to overcome the world; and from His victory we take courage (Origen from Contra Celsus Book VIII Chapter 70).