Christian Prisoners in the Reformation Era (1501–1600)

In the Reformation era, Catholics spread the faith world-wide, including to Japan. After weeks of cruel captivity, the Nagasaki martyrs depicted here by an unknown Japanese artist, were roasted slowly between fires [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

If you could spend an afternoon with just one person from the Reformation, who would you choose? The Reformation was an era of well-known names, heroes and heroines on both sides of the Catholic/Protestant divide. The fire of their faith could not be quenched. The zeal with which they faced imprisonment and even met death has become a testimony to all subsequent ages. It would be the opportunity of a life time to talk with almost any of them.

Six half-hour programs vividly bring to life the Reformation Overview, and covers seven colorful reform leaders.

reformation overview dvd

For myself, I would be torn between Knox and Tyndale. Luther wrote so much and so much has been written about that I feel as if I already know him. Although much has also been written about Knox and Tyndale, too, I still cannot form as clear an estimate of either as I wish. Probably I would opt to sit down with Tyndale.

Who would you pick?